At Picture Perfect Lawn Care we take pride in our Fertilization & Weed Control program. Our applicators are licensed and certified by the Office of the Indiana State Chemist (OISC) and Purdue University. We only use premium dry granular fertilizer that contains slow release nitrogen that constantly feeds your lawn throughout the growing season. Our weed control is done with either dry granular or liquid herbicides or a combination of both depending on the timing of the application, severity of weeds, or the weather conditions that exist (drought, heat, etc.).  With a balanced Fertilization & Weed Control program you lawn will be weed free and maintain uniform growth throughout the season.

All Lawn areas will be treated according to our 5 step program.

  1. Early Spring – Pre-emergent and fertilizer (late March)
  2. Late Spring – Broadleaf herbicide and fertilizer (early-mid May)
  3. Summer – Insecticide and slow release fertilizer (late June-early July)
  4. Fall – Broadleaf herbicide and fertilizer (late Aug – early Sept)
  5. Late Fall – Fertilizer (mid-late Oct)

Add On Service -Grub control -A separate application will be applied if grubs are present or if requested (July)