Want to know the secret to perfect lawn watering? Just follow these 3 simple rules.

1.Water early in the morning.

2.Water deeply and infrequently.

3. Don’t waste water.

With a proper opening in the spring not only will your lawn be healthier, it can save you money throughout the season when it comes to watering. By watering early in the morning you will follow the lawns natural dew cycle. This cuts down on evaporation during the cooler morning temperatures allowing more water to reach the root zone. Lawns need 1 inch of water per week to stay green and healthy. Properly calibrated sprinklers will put down 1/4″- 1/2″ of water during each cycle. By running your system 2-3 days per week the root system will grow deeper allowing your lawn to reach water during periods of drought. Properly adjusted sprinklers will overlap each other and prevent dry spots in the lawn, they will also keep from spraying water on sidewalks , streets, and the neighbors lawn saving you money.


Spring opening

Our skilled technicians will open your system, perform a backflow inspection, and send a report to your water company. We will also check the system for leaks and check and adjust every nozzle and spray head for optimum coverage and efficiancy. Your programmer will also be checked to insure each zone is set correctly so that the proper amount of water is being applied to each area of the lawn or landscaping.


Winter closing

Clear lines of water and close system as required.